Practice Areas

It is important to see the forest through the trees - to see the big picture related to a client's issues.

However, it is most important to understand the client's needs before assessing the big picture.

By focusing on the client and the client's needs, we believe we can better advise them regarding events in the chaotic forest surrounding them.

I see the forest, but I see it through the focus on our clients.

Before preparing:

    *  Preparing an Estate Plan to protect your family and its assets,

    *  Preparing the appropriate Business Entity to protect your personal assets and business assets

    *  Taking action Collections, Litigation or Bankruptcy

I will learn your immediate concerns and goals, analyze those concerns and goals, and determine the most appropriate course to alleviate your concerns and reach your goals.

Contact me to learn how we will use our 19 years experience to assist you in reaching your goals.